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Working with Deep

I'm looking to get more creative with using Deep. Does anyone have good results on getting clients blonde (either all over color or highlights) to get a cool blonde? What formulas have you liked and realistically how light and cool can you get dark…MORE>

Started by Lana May 14.

Vibrant pinks!

Hello all!I am trying to achieve a brighter pink on a level 9 9 1/2. I don't want to lift her any higher than I already have, since Im not trying to get a pastel or baby pink. She was lifted and then toned to neutral to get rid of the slight gold of…MORE>

Started by jen norris May 7.

New toners and waxy residue 5 Replies

We had this happen today 3x with the new ash toners. They were all new tubes and full 80g batches with 2 using liquid developer and one using cream developer. They all processed about 3-5minutes. Each time the hair started to become extremely waxy…MORE>

Started by sal misseri. Last reply by sal misseri Apr 27.

Corrective color 1 Reply

So I had a client come in for a consultation about her hair color. She is normally a very light blonde and decided to go red. Long story short she hates it and would like to go back to being blonde. I told her in the consult that it would be a…MORE>

Started by Styleitup. Last reply by David Adams Apr 20.

Puretone concentration 5 Replies

I know I was told a long time ago but can't remember and not sure of it would have changed when AVEDA reformulated the color. What level would the pure tones be or appear to be when used at a 1to1 ration with developer? I'm assuming they would have…MORE>

Started by sal misseri. Last reply by David Adams May 6.

New toner disaster 7 Replies

Here is a pic of swatches we just toned with the beige , warm, and ash... Yesterday my light yellow highlights turned pink purple after three minutes. I left it on that long because I thought it would start getting Icey.. Nope. I had to re bleach…MORE>

Tags: #avedatonerash, #aveda, #avedatoners

Started by LovelyLocks. Last reply by Amanda Kriston May 13.

5 vol. vs. Docta 3 Replies

Salon Debate.  My coworkers choose not to tone with 5 vol and perm. because they are too worried about "base bumping" the client unecessarily. They argue that because there is ammonia in the product you will get lift.  If I remember, ammonia is…MORE>

Started by Dana Wexler. Last reply by Howard Du Bin Apr 3.

All over blonde ---- transition to blended rooty balayage 4 Replies

My guest who normally gets a half head highlight is coming in to transition to a rooty balayage more similar to her natural. I've been thinking of a process that will be quick and efficient, as I haven't done a darker root on a blonde that wants to…MORE>

Started by Bri. Last reply by Lana May 6.

Adding tones to the new toners...? 1 Reply

Has anyone tried adding tones to the new toners..?If so, what have you found?MORE>

Tags: #tones, #toners, #toner

Started by Hunter R. Last reply by Dana Wexler Mar 25.

Violet/pink 2 Replies

I've got a client coming back who wants this color. Any suggestions for formulating? I've got a couple ideas and a few days to swatch, but curious what other people think, and suggestions on getting this florecent type of reflection.

Started by Amanda Cameron. Last reply by Corinna DeWitt Mar 26.



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Come and join us in NYC

redCHOCOLATE STUDIO SESSIONS are held once a year.

Come and join us for 3 days of Hair Color and Fun in NYC!

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By David Adams on May 12, 2015 at 5:00pm

What is your Formula for Strawberry Blonde?

We have phrases in our hair colorist language that do not really mean how they sound.

As an example 'Strawberry Blonde'. Traditionally we think of Nicole Kidman, however, to me her color is more of an Apricot or Peach Blonde.

Strawberries are red, therefore shouldn't Strawberry Blonde should be a Pink Blonde?

We would love to know your favorite formulas for Strawberry Blonde?…


By David Adams on May 6, 2015 at 3:38pm — 6 Comments




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