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Icy/ cotton candy blue hair

I need some help formulating for a icy/blue candy blue. My guest in my hair has her little heart set on it, any suggestions? The blue swatches I have made so far are a little too teal or gray.…MORE>

Started by Lorin Rhoads Aug 21.

ideas for teal hair color please

We are working diligently to come up with a teal color formula with Aveda hair color...any ideas would be helpful!

Started by Shelley Schmidt Aug 18.

Port Wine 1 Reply

We had a client come in to our salon saying that she normally goes to an AVEDA salon that used the port wine formula on her hair. Does anyone know what the formula is? I have never heard of itMORE>

Started by Kathryn N Smith. Last reply by David Adams Jul 26.

Color gloss facts! 3 Replies

I don't know if I'm just imagining this... But I would love some clarification. I was almost certain we had learned at the Aveda institute (2007) the 0N (back then it was with the Demi perm line) had UV protection. Was or is that true? And if so.…MORE>

Started by Lynnsie Heitz. Last reply by Caitlynne Reynolds Jul 25.

Help with banded color correction?!? Please ! 2 Replies

Hi guys !! I have a huge color correction coming in! This is her hair now - she has warmth all over and bands of darker in the mid shaft. I'm trying to get her as light as possible - I told her it's going to take a few visits.Now would you guys go…MORE>

Tags: correction, Color

Started by jen norris. Last reply by David Adams Jul 15.

Base Color Formulation 3 Replies

I haven't been using Aveda color for a while but around 3 months I've had it in my salon. I have lots of clients I'm transitioning from Redken and usually have no problem. I'm stuck on creating a pretty cooler toned base color. Typically I'm working…MORE>

Started by Hillary. Last reply by David Adams Jun 2.

"Highlights just aren't popping anymore" 1 Reply

I did a beautiful hilight lowlight with blonde tones (enlightener and level 8/9n yo vb) stunning mix of honey and platinum blonde. More brightness around her face. She's a starting level 6/7.She was exstatic when she left the salon!! Then calls 5…MORE>

Started by Lynnsie Heitz. Last reply by David Adams Jun 2.

Working with Deep 1 Reply

I'm looking to get more creative with using Deep. Does anyone have good results on getting clients blonde (either all over color or highlights) to get a cool blonde? What formulas have you liked and realistically how light and cool can you get dark…MORE>

Started by Lana. Last reply by David Adams Jun 2.

Vibrant pinks! 2 Replies

Hello all!I am trying to achieve a brighter pink on a level 9 9 1/2. I don't want to lift her any higher than I already have, since Im not trying to get a pastel or baby pink. She was lifted and then toned to neutral to get rid of the slight gold of…MORE>

Started by jen norris. Last reply by jen norris Jun 9.

New toners and waxy residue 5 Replies

We had this happen today 3x with the new ash toners. They were all new tubes and full 80g batches with 2 using liquid developer and one using cream developer. They all processed about 3-5minutes. Each time the hair started to become extremely waxy…MORE>

Started by sal misseri. Last reply by sal misseri Apr 27.



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